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Ciba Vision

Focus Dailies Toric 90p

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    Focus Dailies Toric by Ciba Vision is a toric daily disposable lens. One day disposable lenses are used for an entire day to then be disposed of and replaced with a fresh new pair the following morning. These lenses fit perfectly for those who want to use lenses every day, it is possible to vary these with normal glasses or be used while doing sports. We recommend that you always follow your optician's recommendations for usage and handling.


    Manufacturer Ciba Vision
    Packaged 90 each/packet
    Base Curve (BC) 8.6
    Diameter (DIA) 14.2
    Refractive power (PWR) -8,00 to +4,00
    Axis(AX) 20, 70, 90, 110, 160, 180
    Cylinder (CYL) -0.75, -1.50
    Wearing Time 1 day
    Material Nelfilcon A 
    Water Content 69%
    In- & Out markings No
    Visibility tint Yes
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